DFW Airport’s Handy Taxi Guide

When traveling to an unfamiliar destination, many travelers worry about being ripped off by local taxi drivers. On my way to the amazing Big(D)esign 2011 conference in Dallas, I received an info brochure that assured me that I would not have to worry about excessive cab bills at this airport.

DFW's Taxi Brochure

I was handed the little brochure by an attendant when I asked at the taxi stand where to join the line. Published monthly, the Getting Around Town guide contains lists of taxi companies’, airlines’, and city attractions’ phone numbers plus a schedule of cultural events for that month.

DFW's Taxi Brochure

More important, though, is what you see when you completely unfold the brochure.

There’s a full fare table for cab services from DFW airport, and an overview map of the Dallas/Fort Worth area and both cities’ central business districts. For some destination like close-by cities and special points of interest, an estimated fare is listed. If the amount shown on your cab’s meter as too far off the ballpark figure listed here, you know that something didn’t quite go as planned

DFW's Taxi Brochure

In case you do have a difference of opinion with your temporary chauffeur, a section in the brochure explains what your rights are. For example, it’s good to know that all “DFW permitted” taxicabs (must) accept credit cards. I remember flying into my “home airport” in Düsseldorf once, and was surprised when I found out how many cabbies there don’t even accept debit cards.

Finally, in the unlikely event that you really fail to part with your cabbie on friendly terms, there’s a phone number and an email address under which you can reach the Airport Information Center to file a complaint or ask for further help.

Thanks to this brochure, a cab ride to or from Dallas/Fort Worth airport is one less thing a traveler needs to worry about. Now, if only such information were as easily available at other airports, too.

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