MM 7 — Day 6: A Slow Day Out on the High Seas

Today is sea day number two. Unfortunately, it’s the first day of the voyage with not-so-sunny weather: deep clouds are resting on a plush bed of gray haze, and my mood has taken a minor hit, as well. It happens.

With most of today’s classes covering iLife, iWork, Lightroom, Aperture, and Photoshop, I decided to skip ’em all and make it an enjoyably slow day. I did, however, opt to to follow David Pogue’s “Inside Leopard, pt. 2” session. Same concept as last night’s, same entertaining jokes, and more “do try this at home”-style tips.

But also a little anecdote about how even the attention to detail usually demonstrated by Apple’s developers can’t prevent the odd little mishap. In the Services menu (found under the application menu, e.g., Finder > Services), there is a submenu titled Preview with two items, Open images and Slideshow. David had noticed that, no matter what you do, these two menu items are always disabled.

So, having pretty good access to the powers that be in Cupertino, David asked one of the OS X engineers about why those two menu items were never available. The surprising answer: that submenu was not supposed to be in the Services menu in the released OS. Makes you wonder how many future versions of OS X will, nevertheless, tag along that menu…

It’s true that many experienced Mac users will already have trodden some of the ground that David covers in his presentations, but the way The Pogueman does his thing, and those little anecdotes like the one above that originate from the connections David has, make for some entertaining Mac geekery.

Tonight, we’ll have to set our clocks back as we will be entering another time zone on our way to the the undisputed highlight of this cruise, the Panama Canal. And what sweeter way to be informed about this than via a little greeting card that is accompanied by a piece of chocolate.

A reminder of the upcoming time zone change

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