MM 7 — Day 10: Sal’s Inside Story and a Caribbean Farewell Sunset

The classes I have attended on this cruise have all been entertaining and informing. But what really makes these vacations special is meeting the people behind the headlines: hearing more about the lives of those you usually only know from reading their books or magazine articles, and learning their paths to doing what they do now, and becoming who they are today.

Today, it was Sal Soghoian’s turn to lift that proverbial curtain somewhat by telling us about “The Early Days at Apple,” and more specifically, about his early days at the company. The problem with such talks obviously is that it is difficult to gauge what is being told on-the-record, and what part of it should not be published, even if only in a humble blog post such as this one.

So, I will just write about how Sal got to work for Apple, and leave it at that. But that one paragraph should suffice to give you an indication of just how interesting this session was.

In the nineties, Sal worked as a bar manager in the Pocono Mountains, and his first Mac was a machine that had been repossessed by one of his friends from a drug dealer that owed this friend some money. When he got into working with layout software on that Macintosh, Sal decided that that business would probably provide him with better living than life as a bar manager. Having started to dig into AppleScript in ’92, he eventually joined Apple on 13 January 1997, and has stayed with them since.

Ten fantastic cruise days are behind us and, as with every great vacation, the moment has come to wonder how time could fly so fast and how many new sights and sounds you have taken in, and to muse about the many new friendships you have found.

And as if it, too, wanted to say goodbye, the sun is also back after those few gray days.

Golden sun and deep-blue sea.

So, what better way to round off the cruise is there than to celebrate this gorgeous — and our final — Caribbean sunset by joining with a few good friends at the aft Pool Bar, sharing cruise stories, a few beers, and many a hearty laugh before tomorrow’s farewells.

A gorgeous caribbean sunset for our final cruise night.

It’s been a grand ride. Thanks for coming along.

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