MM 4.5 — Day 7: Slowing Down a Bit

It’s the second of two days at sea, and I thought it might be a good idea to follow my own advice from a previous post. So, instead of packing my day with a possible total of nine hours of classes, I just attended a single afternoon session: Chris Breen’s “Apple’s Information Hub.” Thanks to that class being held in the afternoon, I finally managed to have a real breakfast on the ship for the first time. Too bad that eating healthy is made so difficult by the selection the onboard buffet has to offer… Still, there was one (literally) sweet surprise here: the Muesli really earns that name, as it was not your standard pre-packaged, “just-add-milk” fair, but was amazingly close to the real thing. Mr Bircher-Benner would certainly have approved this version!

Spending the morning catching on with my online life in a slow-paced way and even having enough time for a Mexican-style lunch afterwards really was a very welcome, if not needed, change from the rushed excursions of recent port days. Heck, I was even sufficiently awake to follow Chris Breen’s class right from the start.

According to Chris, the key components to Apple’s “Information Hub” are the Address Book, iCal, iChat, iSync, and Mail applications, and he covered all five in detail. With the exception of iSync, I use these apps regularly and extensively myself, but there was still the odd bit of information I could pick up during this session. When Chris showed the trick of deleting messages on the server via Mail’s Info window, which I blogged about over at the MacDevCenter, I couldn’t but put on a big grin. Not that Chris wouldn’t have known about this without having read my article, but it still was fun to watch.

If you’ve followed this mini-series about the cruise so far, you will most certainly have gotten the impression that I went a bit overboard — now there‘s a lame cruise pun if there ever was one — with regards to the length of the articles, so I’ll call it a day for now after only four paragraphs. You know, it’s formal night tonight, I want to get this thing here uploaded in time, and lie down in one of those fancy deck chairs for a while, enjoying the deep tranquility of being so far away from it all. See you tomorrow, then.

Chillin' On Deck

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