MM 4.5 — Day 5: A Sacred Sculpture

Why is it that harbors aren’t more inviting? We’re here in beautiful Barcelona, and apart from the long-distance view towards the city, the closer concrete-all-over surroundings of the harbor are just as bland and uninviting as those in Civitavechia or Livorno. Nobody’s expecting to see the Ramblas boulevard reach right into the center of the cruise ship harbor, but a little color here and there and a few palm trees placed in the right spot could do wonders.

Thanks to the “Highlights of Barcelona” excursion, I can leave these rather depressing surroundings behind for another bus tour. Those highlights are indeed what most people would consider the most interesting spots in the capital of Catalunya: the Montjuic with its stadiums built for the 1992 Summer Olympics, the Rambla boulevard, Gaudí’s thought-provoking and inspiring Segrada Familia church, and the Gothic quarter with its cathedral.

Gaudí's Segrada Familia

The amazing thing about Barcelona is that you can find fabulous architecture everywhere you look. It’s not your standard “look, there’s that one special building” experience; instead, almost all buildings had some amazing detail that deserved special attention. Still, none of the other buildings come close to the stunning grace of Gaudí’s Segrada Familia church.

Today’s all-aboard time is set to 10:30pm, so there will be no classes today. Still, no day without geeking out. It is a geek cruise, after all, remember? So we just had one of those really fun ad-hoc sessions with some fellow-geek cruisers, including a number of speakers, checking out each other’s photos, watching some fun video snippets from the web, writing blog posts, etc. How do Teresa and Neil manage to get such a “compatible” group of folks on to their events?

After a steady stream of praise, here’s one piece of advice for you if you’re considering going on a geek cruise — or any cruise, for that matter — yourself. Don’t ruin your trip by trying to put too much stuff into your cruise schedule.

There is so much to do and see: on-board activities, shore excursions, geek cruise classes… The options are endless., and if you’d want, you could cram so much into your schedule that your work-day schedule back home would look cozy in comparison. Just don’t do that! Don’t forget that you’re on vacation, so do set aside some time to just chill out and relax. Go lie on a deck chair and read a book. Sleep in late. Take a dip in the pool. Stand at the railing and wonder at the vastness of the sea.

At Sea

Just don’t feel forced to participate in as many of the available events, but leave enough time to relax. You’ll have a much more enjoyable cruise experience for it.

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