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While attending Mac-Expo and Macworld Conference London last week, I joined Sam Downie as guest on his Tech:Cast podcasts, and let me tell you: recording these was a blast! We interviewed Macintosh luminaries David Pogue, Andy Ihnatko, and Deke McClelland, and also added some personal commentary about things that grabbed our attention on the Mac-Expo show floor.

Interviewing David, Andy, and Deke was an exciting endeavor for a total podcasting newbie like me, and I was amazed by how approachable these guys are. Although all three of them are well-known celebrities in the Macintosh-centric universe, they took a lot of time to answer our questions (which, I daresay, go well beyond the usual “what’s the latest product you want to promote on our show?”), gave highly interesting insights into their personal way of work, and provided amusing comments on things Mac.

To find out how David Pogue got started writing about the Macintosh; to learn what hassles Andy Ihnatko took upon himself to justify calling DriveSavers; to hear what common ground Deke McClelland sees between creating graphics and writing books, and a whole lot more, check out the podcasts on the iTunes Music Store now: here’s number one featuring David Pogue, and here’s number two with Andy Ihnatko and Deke McClelland. To learn more about Sam’s other Tech:Casts, have a look at his website. Enjoy!

Update The links to the podcasts listed above now point to the iTunes Music Store, because the direct downloads apparently played too fast in some applications. If you’re not using iTunes, you can still download podcast one and podcast two directly from Sam’s website, but you may have to use an MP3 player that allows adjusting the playback speed. Sorry ’bout that!

Update I have no idea how Sam did it, but we’re even listed on MacCentral’s “Mac radio roundup” for 2 November. Cool!

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