polytropia.com is the personal website of Jochen Wolters.

Adding to the Global Digital Stone Soup

Are you familiar with Stone Soup fable? If not, do take a few minutes to read about it at Wikipedia.org. If you do know it, though, I’m sure you’ll agree that the Internet is the global, digital equivalent of stone soup: what people put into it is not necessarily related to what they get out of it, but everyone benefits from freely share their knowledge about their particular area of expertise.

This website is my humble contribution to that Global Digital Stone Soup, and I hope you find helpful, interesting, and worth reading.

Who Is This Guy?

Shameless display of vanity is still in the works, so, for now, here’s my Offical Bio Blurb™:

Jochen Wolters is a telco engineer who enjoys sharing his passion for technology by writing about it. His favorite topics include the Apple Macintosh, user interface design, and just about any kind of creative software. In a parallel universe, he is a small-business co-owner and spends a lot of his spare time playing keyboards. Jochen holds a degree in electrical engineering from RWTH Aachen University. His small, yet comfy web home is located at http://polytropia.com.

What’s in a Name

“polytropia” is Ancient Greek for “variety,” but it has a deeper meaning, as William Porter explains:

“Polytrope” comes from the Ancient Greek word “polytropos” or “polutropos.” The basic meaning is, “(a man) of many turns;” the epic poet Homer (8th century B.C.) uses it to describe his hero Odysseus’s versatility and resourcefulness.


Unless specifically stated otherwise, all content on this website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution – Noncommercial – No Derivative Works – 3.0 License. This means that you are free to reuse any part of the site (that is not explicitly governed by another license) as long as that reuse meets certain requirements. For details, please see the BY-NC-ND 3.0 page on the Creative Commons website.

The fabulous Erikah Badu once said: “I’m sensitive about my shit,” and so am I. So please play by the rules and stick to the limitations set by this license. It’s good for your Karma, too!


All content you see on this website has been created and/or edited on Apple Macintosh computers. Bare Bones Software’s BBEdit is used for any text editing related to the site’s configuration and layout. The tool of choice for creating and managing blog posts is Red Sweater Software’s MarsEdit.

The Server

polytropia.com is hosted on a server at German ISP Hetzner and makes extensive use of Open Source Software: running on Debian Linux, the site is served by the PHP-based WordPress publishing platform, utilizing an Apache webserver and MySQL database.

Four WordPress plug-ins are active on this site: comment-spam is eradicated by Akismet. MarkdownExtra adds support for the Markdown text formatting syntax. Tiger Style Administration makes managing WordPress a snap, and Feedburner Feed Replacement provides painless feed redirecting.

The admin who keeps things running smoothly is Ralf Bergs.

Look and Feel

The look and feel of polytropia.com is based on David Uliana’s superb “Intense Simplicity” design, which has been transmogrified into the “Intense” WordPress theme by Sadish Bala. Webstellung’s François-Joseph de Kermadec provided invaluable help on HTML and CSS, without which this site would not look anywhere near as neat as it does.